Business Proposition

NRL is seeking to exploit its new Injection Moulded Pulp Paper (IMPP) technology to provide environmentally friendly bottling solutions to consumer brand owners, retailers and fillers

NRL has completed building of a production scale machine for early stage demonstration to customers and other interested parties as part of an EACI sponsored programme that is providing 50% grant funding of a £1M commercialisation budget. The machine is undergoing further optimisation and operational improvement and will continue to be modified to accommodate particular customer requirements

NRL is now seeking to market its technology to potential customers and develop early revenues, initially through tooling and container development projects with customers prior to sale of production equipment

NRL’s proposition is to provide retailers, brand owners and fillers with a moulded pulp paper container solution that is cost competitive with plastic, carton and glass products but more environmentally efficient

NRL’s offer is based on its unique Injection Moulded Pulp Paper process (IMPP), developed with support of EU FP7 grant funding, and currently receiving commercialisation grant funding from the EACI programme

Patents have been filed and are being further enhanced

NRL’s intended business model is focused primarily on sale of production equipment that can be co-located with filling lines, supported by necessary tooling, product design, trial production and maintenance services

Core to NRL’s proposition is its IMPP technology – the first production machine is complete and now being trialled

NRL has just completed assembly of its first full-scale production machine, now available for customer demonstration – further optimisation activities are on-going